Non Woven Mill Roll

The AGM Neutral non-woven roll with the applications such as de-oiling, wringing, squeezing, washing, etc., Features such as repairability, long life, high coefficient of friction, and fluid control dominance, which with High coefficient of friction reduces metal strip slippage and hydroplaning; and fluid control can be precisely determined and controlled; the long life of the roll is paired with consistent performance, saving companies downtime and replacement costs; repairability allows the roll to be easily fixed instead of replaced.


Neutral Roll PH range: 4-10

Our mill rolls

Our outstanding characteristics



Non-woven Wiper De-oiler roll;


Non-woven Wringer roll;


Non-woven Squeeze roll.


*More Uptime;

*Increased line speeds and productivity;

*Reduced oil or chemical cost;

*Reduced maintenance cost;

*Improved process quality and control;

*Maintain integrity of process fluids;

*Fewer defects on coil surface;

*Lower energy costs

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