AGM company is not only proud of its ground-breaking, innovative heritage, but also has the ambition to constantly pioneer new solutions in the field of metals production. Along the entire value chain, the portfolio is continuously renewed and improved by innovations, which helps customers with existing plants to increase productivity, broaden their scope of products, or meet environmental targets. Additionally, AGM company technologies also offers new business models to its customers and supports them with innovative service solutions over the whole lifecycle of their equipment.

Pre-sales service -- explain the functions and features of products and the application of new materials and technologies to customers in detail

In-sales service -- assign special personnel to connect with the customer during the project execution, so that the customer can control the whole process of "design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, acceptance work progress and quality, and strive to provide the customer with high-quality products with 100% acceptance rate of the factory test.

After-sales service – AGM company provide one-on-one improve quality service, to achieve rapid response and timely solve the problem of technology and product quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.